About our courses

What do I need to complete a course?

laptop and a hand holding a cup of coffee

You’ll need a bit of quiet time, something to note down your thoughts is a good idea and a hot drink helps.

You’ll need access to the internet, so a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Our courses take at least 30 minutes, but you can stop and start, and work at your own pace.


You don’t need to be a computer whizz. The courses are easy to follow and the trainer will talk you through every step. There’s a ‘5 minute user guide’ to look at first for people who need help getting started.



Our course style

Our courses are all in a fairly similar format so you’ll feel familiar across the different topics, but as they were written by different subject experts the styles and approaches are a bit different. We’ve tried to keep the look and feel consistent so that you can approach your learning in a way that feels the same across the courses. You can learn on your own, or with other people, whatever suits you, but you should take the quiz by yourself. There’s a glossary of terms for words that might be new or unfamiliar, which you can reference online or print off as a PDF. Click on the link here to go to the glossary page, or click the button.



answering your questions

If you want to know a bit more about the people who wrote the course content you can click on the link here to go to the page with short biographies, or click the button.




To start the 5 Minute User Guide, press the play button (the arrow) on the grey navigation bar along the bottom. The module will play without stopping unless you press pause. It’s only 5 minutes!

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What happens when I complete a course? Or if I don’t pass first time?

The quizzes have a pass mark. When you’ve completed a course and successfully passed the quiz (or quizzes if there’s more than one module in the course) you get an electronic certificate with the date you completed the course printed on it. You can make an electronic portfolio for yourself, or you can print these off.

If you don’t pass the quiz, you have up to three attempts to retake the course (or the module you didn’t pass) to reach the pass mark.

In most cases the pass mark is 80%. All the answers are contained within the course.

Which courses do I do first?

Some courses need to be completed first before you can move on to picking others to tailor your own learning package to suit you.

For PAs this means:

Being a good PA: know your role

Being a good PA: know your rights

PA Fundamentals

Once you’ve completed these you can pick any you like from the others on offer.

For DEs this means:

Being a good employer: know your role

Being a good employer: know your responsibilities

Once you’ve completed these you can choose to take any of the others on offer.

Course tips: using subtitles and closed captioning, the pause button and working at your own pace

Every course contains audio on the slides, and videos with sound. You might prefer to watch with the sound down if you’re out and about, or like to use subtitles or closed captions for learning. Look out for the for the “CC” symbol on the bottom edge of the window and simply click to turn them on or off.

There are times in the courses when you’re asked to make notes, take time to reflect or think about something you’ve just seen or heard – that’s when using the pause button is really useful. You can stop and start during a module to suit your own pace and you can do that with other people. The quiz at the end needs to be taken in one sitting and you need to do that on your own.

Here’s an example from YouTube:

youtive video image with arrow to CC button

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