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Our courses

Here are the current courses on offer. There are a lot to choose from! New ones will be added regularly. Don’t see what you want? Let us know.

Which courses do I do first?

Some courses need to be completed first before you can move on to picking others to tailor your own learning package to suit you. For PAs it’s “Being a good PA: know your role, rights and PA fundamentals” and for DEs it’s “Being a good employer: know your role and responsibilities”. These appear first on the course list and you need to complete all the modules within the course. There’s more information on the “About our courses” page. Click the button below. Once you’ve completed these you can pick any you like from the others on offer.

The nuts and bolts

Want to know more about the nuts and bolts of how to do our courses, what you need and where to start? We’ll walk you through it. You can find out more about who wrote the course content, too. Click on the link here or click the button. ABOUT OUR COURSES

‘5 minute user guide’ course – a great place to start

If you’re new to computers or lack a bit of confidence and want some initial support to get to know how to use our e-learning, then this is where to begin. It’s also a quick introduction for anyone wanting to see what the modules look and feel like. To start the module, press the play button (the arrow) on the grey navigation bar along the bottom. The module will play without stopping unless you press pause. It’s only 5 minutes! Click the button below. 5 MINUTE USER GUIDE

By Emma Preston-Dunlop 62 students enrolled Free
Many people can be a PA, but it takes a certain …
By Emma Preston-Dunlop 32 students enrolled Free
Being a DE is a unique situation; you may find …
By Emma Preston-Dunlop 14 students enrolled Free
Are you a DE and do you have a learning …
By Emma Preston-Dunlop 28 students enrolled Free
In this course we cover the important areas of …
By Emma Preston-Dunlop 25 students enrolled Free
This course is an e-learning module to take a …
By Emma Preston-Dunlop 23 students enrolled Free
This course aims to give you a general …
By Emma Preston-Dunlop 24 students enrolled Free
This course introduces aspects of safeguarding as …
By Emma Preston-Dunlop 27 students enrolled Free
This course is an introduction to the most common …

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