How to tips

Tips on using the “Find a PA” page

“Find a PA” is the page on the website where you can opt to have your profile viewable to other registered users. We want you to use it to its full potential in a way that works for you. Here are a few general tips:


PAs: Keep your profile up to date

We encourage PAs to keep an up to date profile. That way you can keep track of your own progress, store your certificates, print them off if you want to, update your achievements and your work situation. You can say as much or as little as you want; it’s up to you. Make sure your contact details such as your email address are current.


PAs: Keep your profile uncluttered and relevant

Your profile can be seen by everyone else who has created a profile for the site if you opt to be seen. It’s a way for DEs to look for PAs who might be a good fit when they’re searching for new employees. By keeping your details current and your profile uncluttered potential employers can find you more easily.


DEs: Your profile is important too

You can let PAs know something about yourself, so that they can see if they think you would be a good match professionally, whether their skill set matches your support needs and perhaps if you have other things in common that would mean a good fit working together.

Join the conversation, sign up to our facebook group, tell us the courses you would like to see in the future, talk to other Personal Assistants and Direct Employers and stay connected.