The PADE UP glossary


PADE UP is committed to avoiding jargon and not using long words for the sake of it. Sometimes there will be words that are new to you, or terms that you haven’t come across. We asked different people to highlight these words and have put them in a glossary. These words all appear in the e-learning modules.


Alleviate – get rid of; make smaller or less, for example alleviate a headache with pain killers.

Braille – a writing system that you touch (known as tactile), used by people who are visually impaired.

Catheter – a thin, flexible tube inserted into the bladder to allow urine to drain. They can be fixed (indwelling) or single use (intermittent).

Clavicle – another word for the collarbone, it keeps the shoulder blade in place so the arm can hang freely.

Contamination – making something unsuitable by contact with something dirty, bad or infected.

Derogatory – making someone feel less than they are; belittling someone.

Detritus – loose dust and fine bits of dirt; rubbish, waste.

Empowerment – the process of becoming stronger and more confident; authority or power given to someone or gained by someone to do something. The opposite is disempowerment or disempowering someone.

Enema – a liquid delivered into the lower bowel via your bottom using a syringe without a needle. The most frequent use is for treatment of constipation or to assist people to who cannot go to the toilet on their own by stimulating their bowel.

Enteral feed – the delivery of nutritionally complete liquid food via a tube directly into the stomach or small intestine. Short term this is via a tube in the nose. Longer term, via a PEG feed. PEG is short for Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy. A PEG goes directly through the stomach wall and is fitted during surgery.

Ergonomic – relating to the science of the study of people and their working conditions, especially making it comfortable, and people being able to work well and at their best.

Escalate – increase, grow, build or develop.

Impairment – a physical or mental issue, caused by an injury, illness or a condition you were born with.

Infringing – to undermine or limit someone, or break the terms of something.

In lieu of – instead of.

Makaton – a language using signs and symbols that support spoken language that helps people communicate. The signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order (unlike BSL, which has its own grammar).

Nurtured – cared for and protected; help or encourage to develop.

Patronising – to look down on someone; treat them like a child or humiliate them.

Pro rata – proportional; a part, amount, share or percentage, depending on how many hours you work compared to full time.

Preclude – prevent someone from doing something; make something impossible, exclude them or stop someone from taking part.

Squalor – the state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of neglect or poverty. In this context it is outside a person’s control.

Statutory – relating to, regulated or set by laws and rules that have been formally written down.

Stifle – keep back, hold back; stop someone from doing or achieving something.

Stoma – a small opening on the stomach surface, like a small spout, created by an operation in order to divert the flow of the intestine and collect body waste in a bag fixed to the outside of the body. Stoma care is the cleaning and changing of the stoma site. Stomas can be temporary or permanent.

Suppository – one way to deliver a drug, via your bottom. It is small and cone shaped and melts or dissolves to release medication.

Trapezius – a major muscle in the back that extends across the shoulder and up the base of the neck.


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