PA Code of Conduct

Why have a PA Code of Conduct?

This was a piece of co-production and co-design work that was carried out by a focus group of DEs with a range of disabilities and longterm impairments who had let us know that they wanted it to exist. One group did the initial work and a second group looked over it and agreed the final wording, so that no one voice was dominant in the conversation.


We looked at resources currently in existence for PAs and DEs: best working practice guidance from Skills for Care, the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE), Health Education England, and Skills for Health; the social model of disability; the Carer Certificate itself. We talked about what was good, what was working well for them, what could be better and what they felt was missing.


The PA Code of Conduct encourages PAs to reflect on their ways of working and to be proactive in increasing their own skills and knowledge. It encourages PAs to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, be aware of their rights and to have a sense of pride in their job, which can be challenging and does not suit everyone. It puts promoting independence and person-centred support at the heart of the role. It emphasises the importance of dignity, respect and positive risk taking. It highlights the importance of trust and professionalism.


It was felt that a lot of information available concentrates on the work itself and assumes a team with some sort of hierarchy (a line manager and a team of workers), and less is available on the unique working relationship between a DE and a PA working in someone’s home, very often alone.


We took the opportunity to create a document that is central to the design of the e-learning modules made for PADE UP. This means that, from the very start, the modules belong to the people that will be using them.

The PA Code of Conduct





























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